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Adrian Hrehorowicz

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Technological innovations in the coming years will change the way organizations, people, and even entire societies function. Cloud computing, 3D printers, internet of things, drones, autonomous cars, blockchains, expanded and virtual reality, artificial intelligence - all this creates new opportunities for business development, and at the same time it complements traditional methods of its conducting or changes them radically. Of course, not all solutions will be accepted, but it is worth remembering that they can open new, previously unrecognized areas of business.


Technological progress has been gaining momentum in recent years. Every day we hear about technological novelties that amaze even "digital natives". For example, here are headphones from Google, translating foreign languages in real time and learning robots that can talk to each other without human intervention. All this can scare you, just like not so long ago social media and smartphones. And today, portals such as Facebook or mobile phones that integrate the functions of classic telephones, navigation and wallet are normal for people.


The world of technology is developing exponentially and it seems that it is not going to slow down. We live in a time when technology is a catalyst for changes in people's behavior and habits - all this takes place on an unprecedented scale. Nevertheless, the challenge of humanity for the coming years is not technology, but the art of adapting people to such a rapidly changing reality.

New business models and new competition

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