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Revolutionary changes

are just ahead

Artur Piekarczyk

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Most attempts to explain the phenomenon of the digital revolution focus on software and the discussion of such phenomena as: artificial intelligence, robotics, and the industrial revolution. One thing is certain: digital transformation is the fact that more and more activities performed mechanically so far, are beginning to be implemented digitally.


Computers are able to automatically download and process analog information into digital, and then use it to make a variety of decisions. For example, electronic content not only speeds up the creation of simple decision systems but also allows to build complex automation and robotics systems - also those equipped with elements of artificial intelligence and thus able to replace a human being in the decision-making process.


In the future, it will be more difficult to distinguish human decisions from those taken by machines. What's more, the decision will be made by artificial intelligence, which means that the decision-making will be based on experiences that we do not have as people, but which exist in the self-learning algorithms we have created.


The future of man in the digital world is unknown. In the economic dimension, they worry about the forecasts indicating that every new job in innovative technologies will eliminate from 5 to 50 employees in the future. It is also said that the professions of the future are perfect for people with high intelligence and creativity. And what about the rest of the people?


Some people have very disturbing visions, in which digitization eliminates almost every profession: an automatic magazine eliminates a warehouseman, an automatic accounting algorithm combined with a system of scanners and automatic archives deprive the accountant, and today e-commerce marketers, combined with the algorithm of shopping, remove even the best sellers. Already today, besides, non-professional human activity is more and more often performed - literally - without using the body. The question remains whether the consciousness of the approaching end of the world, which mankind has known for millennia, more scares us or motivates us?

New business models and new competition

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