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Working with our clients' companies, we are looking for the best way to grow in a digitally changing world. The change can be a transformation of the entire company or only concern its chosen area. We are involved in every step from building a concept, plan, schedule, implementation to the final effect.

Get to know our approach ...


Does the company vision include the impact of digitalisation, its both chances and hazards?


Who do we need, what people, what partners?

Who do we have today?



How to change current way of acting  using IT? Should we change it?


What platforms, systems, applications are

the best for an organisation and business?


Strategy & Plan

Where does the company aim? What is the vision of its development, what are the expectations of main stakeholders? What are the main trends in the business? How do the needs of customers and employees change? Was are the main challenges and main limitations? Working on strategy: this is the art of asking questions and leading the discussion Answering these and similar questions is a starting point to create possible scenarios of a company development. Before it happens, it is good to define a gap between where the company is now and where it wants to be. Knowing that we can together start paving the road of development, business, organisation, technology. The order is purposeful, as we treat technology like a tool which helps us achieve business aims and change the organisation.


Talents and Competences

Success of each strategy depends on people, competences and talents the organisation has. Nowadays there are few companies who can employ experts from ever growing and complex areas. That is why a company needs partners, providers of knowledge, solutions, IT tools, hence an assessment of resources is so important. Along with the management we assess and answer the question of who we have “onboard” and then we look for optimal combination of workers and external knowledge and solution providers. It is important to assess so called  “key core competences” which should be within the organisation (as important own resources) as it has a strategic impact on companies performance.


Workflow & Efficiency

For many years we weren’t aware of the fact that everything we do is a process. Thanks to renegeinnering of processes in the 90. the subject was back on. Today process automatisation is widely discussed. But what processes? Not every process can or has to be automatised. Our role is an objective assessment of processes and activities which a company performs, specially the ingoing or outgoing processes, and then together we look for a new way of their implementation. Present and evolving IT systems provide ever growing possibilities of process automatisation, and at the same time, they are more and more available (costs, cloud solutions, etc. ) We openly say though, that there are such IT  solutions which will solve all the problems, lets define together the process knowing the possibility of system support.


Tools & User experience

What do we need technology for?  What technologies do we need? If we answered the strategic questions, we have assessed our resources and performed processes, the answer will be clear.  Our attitude and such order is not a coincidence; we know from experience how easy it is to buy a system, a platform, an application, and then, due to lack of knowledge of how to use and implement it properly, comes the disappointment with business effects. Choosing right technology has to be first of all, strongly rooted in business, economic and  financial context. In other words, can we afford such technology? Do we have the ability to develop it? Do we have competences , people responsible for development and maintenance, and will the organisation culture support it?

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